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just a matter of taste?

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some might debate about what exactly is "culture" and what it's not. what do we like to see? what do we enjoy watching? what do we need to enrich our lives? if one should ask this question to a hundred people, one would most probably receive just as many answers.

i defined "culture" as something that definitely has a heritage of perhaps indeterminate age, something that generations long before me could see in its original beauty and form. culture as such is represented in many forms and mediums. the culture of enjoying an opera, performed for the first time many moons ago, the culture of walking where roman soldiers walked thousands of years ago or the culture of contemporary art. does this mean i have a mixed palate for culture? or does it mean i simply do not know what i like? it doesn't matter. period.
people have different likes, different preferences, different perceptions and this is what i find so fascinating. talking to people from different backgrounds - not necessarily from different ethnic backgrounds (that is another topic altogether) - and start a conversation about the seven wonders of the world for instance, the content of the discussion often leads to further discussion, new ideas, sharing of thoughts on the development of culture through the years or opinions of what we would do in this day and age, would one day be seen as "culture".
the unesco world heritage sites are numerous and include buildings, nature landmarks, walkways, cities and quite a lot of other things. i doubt i would be able to visit all these sites personally - and sometimes i wonder if it would be worth doing so - but the list does give us an idea of what people classify as culture, what people treasure and what the guidelines are of having a site classified as a world heritage site. this article is not about the unesco work and their valued work in preserving objects or sites with a cultural value. my question is "how do we define culture" and would we include objects, buildings, sites, cities or other items we find to be of a cultural nature personally, to be classified as "culture"? my answer: it's a matter of taste, but it doesn't naturally be added to a worldwide list of world heritage sites.

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