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organisations of various sizes can benefit from having a transparent diversity and inclusion policy in place. this article highlights the 6 most important reasons (as we see them) for implementing such a policy.

  • organisations change, grow and employ people from different ethnical and cultural backgrounds, religion and sexual orientation. investing in employees is not just about their technical know-how, their capabilities or the tasks they need to perform, but also about who the individuals are, what their characters are all about, how integrated they are and how their personal development within an organisation can add value to their teams and the business.
  • employing someone for a specific position/function normally has a requirement to fulfill certain educational and/or work experience criteria. individuals from different ethnic groups, religion or sexual preference should enjoy the same treatment during the application process.
  • ensuring individuals feel at home in their work environment prevents people from looking for alternative employment, thereby staying committed to the organisation and thus prevents the loss of know-how and expertise.
  • diversity in the workplace fosters innovation, commitment and competitiveness. studies consistently show that diversity drives innovation and fosters creativity. in a Forbes survey, 85 percent of respondents said diversity is crucial for their businesses, and approximately 75 percent indicated that their companies will focus more on a strategy to leverage diversity to achieve their business goals.
  • large international corporations that have implemented a diversity and inclusion policy confirm that this step contributed to a better bottom line.
  • diversity in the workplace does not only benefit the organisation, but also provides an environment for all employees to learn about other cultures, increase social awareness and contribute to a motivated workforce.
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