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16 and gay

i am a 16-year old gay teenager, living in a small town not to far from a big city in the usa. i play sports and am actually very good at what i do. the only problem is, how will me teammates react when i tell them i am gay? not even my parents, friends, buddies or anyone else for that matter knows about my secret.

as an artist in my (little) spare time i have, i have this great passion for photography and digital art. no secret about that! i could lose myself in a world of beautiful scenes, interesting people, objects that simply fascinate me and in the end come up with artwork that in some cases have won some awards.

Published in my story

who am i?

probably a question almost everyone struggles to get their head around at some point in their lives. finding and formulating an answer to give definition to the whole concept of being someone i am comfortable with not only takes time and lots of thought,

some might debate about what exactly is "culture" and what it's not. what do we like to see? what do we enjoy watching? what do we need to enrich our lives? if one should ask this question to a hundred people, one would most probably receive just as many answers.

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