i never knew i would have to go through almost two years' of humiliation, mobbing, extreme depression and a lost of self-esteem once i casually mentioned that i'd be bringing my 'partner' to the company's year-end function. never shall the twain meet, right? so right in so many ways.

we have all seen and read articles and studies about the benefits of diversity and inclusion in companies. we know that in the usa and europe, large organisations have whole teams (or at least a person) taking take to ensure that the workforce consists of a mix of ethnic groups, where sexual preferences are not taken into account when applicants apply for positions and in some cases where the business leaders appointed, are women.

organisations of various sizes can benefit from having a transparent diversity and inclusion policy in place. this article highlights the 6 most important reasons (as we see them) for implementing such a policy.

small- to medium-sized businesses (sme) sometimes simply do not have the infrastructure or need for defining and implementing an official diversity & inclusion policy. depending on the actual size of the workforce, ranging from 1 to perhaps 500, there may be no one in the business giving thought to such a policy.

not everyone is inclined to stand up in front of thousands of people and present a new idea. well, good news...there won't be thousands of faces looking at your every move, listening to your every word.

making a decision to buy a train ticket does not require a great deal of consideration, does it? well, unless you have to travel for business purposes and a travel policy made by someone somewhere dictates otherwise.

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